Steven Richmond | Founder and CEO of Rich Fit Foods

Rich Fit Foods was born to provide affordable, mobile meal prep in Houston, TX. Offering a proven product that helps with meal preparation and food replacement, with delicious options in becoming or maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

Steven was working as a sales manager at Gillman Honda when he quit his job to pursue and build his business. His own personal fitness/health journey fueled his desire to provide meal-prep for like-minded individuals. His passion needed to be met with proper marketing skills and direction on how to optimize his social media for client leverage and long-lasting relationships. 

Declared Marketing has had a direct hand in mapping out the success and increased reach of Rich Fit Foods by catering to Steven’s personal expertise and homing in on the relatability to his targeted market. Since working with Declared Marketing, Rich Fit Foods has been featured on Fox 26 Houston and Voyage Houston. His TV appearance and published interview allowed him to showcase and generate additional sales and cultivate brand recognition through the application of marketing tactics taught by Declared Marketing. Rich Fit foots has seen a significant increase in the reach of clientele through his Instagram @richfitfoods1 – a substantial 200% since the start of his company in 2016. Rich Fit Foods is shipping nationwide, has partnered with a gym location and their custom clients, and has plans in work to team up with a smoothie company. 

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