Staffon Adams | Founder and CEO of STAFFON EUGENE

STAFFON EUGENE is a lifestyle brand that currently concentrates on luxury socks. Thick enough to wear with sneakers, while still thin enough for dress shoes; these socks fill a void in the marketplace with simple, yet sleek designs. 

Staffon has a very specific product and required guidance in specialized positioning and digital marketing effectiveness. 

Since recruiting the product prowess of Declared Marketing in 2018, STAFFON EUGENE has positioned itself as the leading premier luxury sock company in the market. Declared Marketing emphasized and instructed Staffon on the importance of storytelling within the digital marketing space. This not only led to an increase in following through the brand’s Instagram @staffon_eugene but helped to build a deeper connection between clients and the brand. This was made possible by the tailored marketing techniques created by Declared Marketing specifically for STAFFON EUGENE. With a steady flow of new products releasing and a loyal client base, Staffon hopes to build the brand’s revenue to 6 figures in 2021.

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